School Classes

We’re delighted to be rolling out

educational classes in schools!

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Our fantastic new member on the Webster Honey team, Michelle English, will be organising educational visits in over 600 schools all over Scotland starting from June of this year! How exciting!

We’re creating a happier, healthier planet – one

bee and one student at a time.

How are we doing this?

By teaching kids the importance of the humble honeybee. We offer courses designed to bring to life the magic of the honey bees for primary and pre-school students. We offer half-day and full-day workshops where we bring along an observation hive (full of bees!), bee suits, posters and games and teach children all about bees and bee-keeping.

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We also provide a 10-day lesson course

(our most popular one) which includes:

A Live Bee Hive

The class can decorate the hive & have access to bees during the lesson.

Theory Lessons

Learning all about the importance of bees with posters & games.

Bee Suits

We supply all bee suits and safety equipment for the children.


The children can get up close with & learn about the real-life honey bee!

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Contact Michelle for more information! or call 01577 330 452