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Daniel Webster

Co-founder & Managing Director

Daniel is a co-founder and managing director for Webster Honey. Overseeing all things from bee-keeping to honey classes (although getting him to wear a bee suit is challenging!)

Emily-Kate McDonnell

Co-founder & Production

Emily-Kate is our other co-founder, she manages all honey sales and production - as well as helping Meik take care of our 3.2 million bees!

Meik Molitor

Head Bee Keeper

Meik is the head bee-keeper and overall “bee man”. Meik will be the one teaching you all about the importance of bees! He is also in charge of all 3.2 million employees!

Michelle English

Educational Manager

Michelle has been with the company since February 2019 and was brought on board to organise all of our school visits and honey classes. She will be your first point of contact!

Judy Friel

Office Manager

Judy has been with the company since the beginning and deals with all thing’s admin, from wages to VAT returns.

Clare Graham

Head of PR & Social Media

Clare has been with Webster Honey since 2017 and manages all of our PR and social media.
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